Slap Hitter: Cable Guy to coach Raiders


Tom Cable, a coach who lost 75% of his games while an Idaho University Vandal (hey!) is the new boss of the Oakland Raiders. Cable will finish up for Lane Kiffin who almost made it to the quarter pole before owner Al Davis had been double-dog dared once too often. The fan comments about the new boss range from the hilarious to the despairing, which come to think of it are pretty damn funny themselves. Let's not waste much more of cyberspace belaboring the obvious. Cable looks like he's knit in the same pattern of the other kind of head man Al likes; the Joe Bugel-lineman-(4-12)-record-kind-of-lost-control-of-team-type. We bid farewell to Kiffin, who was built more in the ungrateful son mode. Those guys sometimes go off and win Super Bowls, the kind we just hired usually go off to become ex-coaches.— Kibby Kleiman