Slap Hitter: Baseball season tickets for about $1 a day


Put two ailing industries together and sometimes you get...genius. The Toronto Blue Jays baseball team (attendance falling) and the Toronto Star newspaper (subscribers fleeing) have combined for the best deal in all big league sports. Our neighbors to the North get baseball in the nosebleed section and a newspaper to stanch the flow.

We could get the A's and the Tribune to do the same. A $100 investment would mean that you could stroll into the Coliseum any time you wish and then spend three times that on food and drink. Charge a nominal fee to get in and watch the caps, pennants and T-shirt jerseys fly out of the ballpark.

The A's may be at a high water mark for the season (.500!) so the time to put deals on the table should be today. Lately the Coliseum has been getting some retro-love. It's so bad it's great, it's got so few amenities and chi chi snacks, it's old-school. So hop to it Trib, claim your Oakland heritage, slap a banner across the cheap seats and you'll see me (and pals) at the game more often. Fanning ourselves with your fine product on hot days, covering ourselves with your content on drizzly ones. And maybe amidst the sixth pitching change of the inning, reading a little of your paper as well. — Kibby Kleiman