Slap Hitter: A's Trade 2 solid Starters for 4 crappy Cubs

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Ugh. Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin are gone and we got a whole lot of nothing in return. Wait, wait, I exaggerate. We didn't get "nothing" we got an anchor to help us sink toward the bottom of the American League West.

Let's do a quick tote on the damages. On the minus side we lose our most fearsome weapon in Harden, oft injured, but having his healthiest season in years. We also forfeit Chad Gaudin a number three starter last year, toiling reliably in case someone (Harden?) goes down.

To continue on the negative tip, let's see what we hauled in: Sean Gallagher who has almost cut his 8.59 ERA in half this season. Matt Murton, who washed out as a Cub starter in cozy Wrigley field and has hit as many homers as Gallagher this year, which would be 0. Catcher Josh Donaldson sporting a .219 batting average in Single A, and infielder Eric Patterson, the slugger of the deal who has one home run this season and 7 RBI.

On the plus side? Here's something: I don't think we can make a shittier trade than this one.— Kibby Kleiman