Slap Hitter: A's Fansite feeling Tipsy


File this under "tempest in a tosspot".

Major league baseball has a website. Each of the thirty big league teams has its own journalist. Except for the A's, who's scribe, Mychael Urban double-dips by cashing checks from KNBR, the Giants radio station. A's fans, insecure to begin with, have warmed slowly, if at all, to the fact that our link to the rest of the baseball world is heard regularly over airwaves cooing and purring over the black and orange.

Today, the A's fansite Athletics Nation conducted a little Q and A with the moonlighting scribbler. Here's the transcript

It's a loopy link that highlights one of the few things I haven't heard A's fans complain about, to wit, that Urban is a major league tippler. His hostility and mulishness in the face of pretty ordinary questions has inflamed the on-line A's community, many of whom say, Wow, that guy is a total tool.

In the big scheme of things, the fact that "our" writer is an aggressive lout is a lot less important than the fact that A's fans have three DHs competing to play first base or that we'll have to scrape off the latest radio station bumper sticker for like the fifth time in six years, but anything to keep the Hot Toddy League...Hot Stove League simmering a little longer.

Mychael, here's mud in your eye!— Kibby Kleiman