Signs of the New Recession: Five-Finger Discounts



Fresh from the New York Times comes a report that as the economy worsens and folks get a little desperate, shoplifting around the country has jumped between ten and twenty percent. The shoplifting binge has been made easier by stores that can't afford to staff the stores properly and watch everyone, as well as broke police departments deprioritizing shoplifting to focus on more serious crimes. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Business Times reports, a different kind of theft is gaining traction. According to a survey by the security company Cyber-Ark, more than half of the respondents said that they are downloading and storing sensitive company information, just in they get laid off. Apparently, the thieves plan to use the proprietary information as leverage when they interview for a potential job with their former employers' competitors. Things fall apart! The center cannot hold! Save yer momma and get ready for some drama!