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Sick Sad Summer

A dance party featuring Morris, Maal, NanosauR, and Turbo Sonidero.


Between 2011 and 2013, there was a magical warehouse in West Oakland called the Rec Center, where all of the Town’s (and the internet’s) subcultures came together for lawless dance parties and everyone had the time of their lives regardless of clique or creed. Punk bands, rappers, and DJs regularly performed together under one roof. There were no windows, and you could only dance for about 15 minutes before becoming so drenched in sweat you had to go outside. The DJ crew behind some of the best Rec Center parties, Sick Sad World, is throwing Sick Sad Summer — this time at a much more legit spot, The Night Light. Residents Neto 187, Bobby Peru, So What, and Space Ghost will DJ, plus guest sets from DJ-producers P. Morris, Maal a Goomba, NanosauR, and Turbo Sonidero.