Should “Kush Docs” Make You Sick to Your Stomach?



"Kush docs" make UCLA professor Mark Kleiman, the State of Washington's cannabis consultant, a little nauseous.

On Monday, Kleiman posted “Why I always put 'medical marijuana' in scare quotes” to his blog on, arguing that some Colorado physicians who specialize in cannabis are “just dope dealing.”

According to Colorado records, one doctor wrote 8,400 recommendations, or about one every 15 minutes. One physician recommended 501 plants for a patient, while another doctor recommended 75 ounces of pot for a patient.

Venice Beach medical cannabis evaluation street tout
  • Venice Beach medical cannabis evaluation street tout

“There are places where 'medical marijuana' is not a joke in rather poor taste: pretty much any state east of the Rockies. But in California and Colorado the odor of fraud is as strong as the odor of skunkweed," Kleiman stated.

Kleiman writes that medical cannabis laws have become an effective stepping stone to the end of pot prohibition “and I’m not unhappy with the outcome. ... Still, the whole deal — and especially the role of the 'kush docs' — makes me a little sick to my stomach.”

Activist Russ Bellville responds that few doctors dare to write recommendations because of official opprobrium — like abortion doctors in Kansas.

And as one commenter pointed out, if Mr. Kleiman suffers from nausea, Los Angeles has a great medicine for nausea: It's less toxic than aspirin, and almost anyone over 18 can get a recommendation for it.