Second-Hand Smoke Kills; So Do Guns



Oakland city council took another step closer to approving an anti-smoking law Tuesday, when the public safety committee recommended three to one that smoking be banned in public spaces like bus stops, parks, golf courses, public trails, and ATMs (they removed the provisions banning smoking in new multi-unit housing and making smoking in all multi-units a nuisance). While the full council is scheduled to consider the proposal next Tuesday, some are wondering if the city should spend its time on more pressing public safety issues, such as crime. One blogger calls the proposal "a galactically stupid use of time and money." Another says, "When the city passes laws it knows it has no hope of enforcing, respect for and obedience of all laws is degraded." Recently, other East Bay cities such as Dublin and Newark tightened their laws against smoking. So, is the city wasting its time?