Sean Keane Jockeys for Position on the Country Music Channel



Our favorite baby-faced local announced in a Facebook post yesterday that he will be one of 12 comics featured in the Country Music Channel's "Next Big Comic" search. He was apparently hand-picked by a panel of elite critics from media start-up Rooftop Comedy, who worked in conjunction with CMT executives. The idea was to find 12 finalists "on the verge of stardom." Keane has graciously accepted the epithet. He also announced, via Facebook, that it's probably a good fit. "I have always considered myself a little big rock and a little bit country, just like Garth Brooks, so CMT is perfect for me," Keane wrote. "Actually, I'm a lot more rock, so maybe Chris Gaines is a better comparison?" Oh, snap.

Addendum: Apparently, Chris Gaines is a fictional alter ego for Garth Brooks. Also, he has a soul patch.