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SCREAM 2014:East Bay Express’Horror Film Festival

Official Film Lineup & Talent Release!

Thursday, October 16th
7pm - Midnight
Price: $10 Advance / $12 Door
The New Parish
579 18th St.

The Official Lineup is Here!

1. Speed F*cking
Directed by Francois Vieux / ALZ Films
What would you do if you got your hands on a love potion that could turn anyone into a crazy sex monster? Maybe just swing by a speed dating bar and make the participants your guinea pigs?

2. Franky & the Ant
Directed by Billy Hayes
Franky is a methodical, professional killer who believes that loyalty trumps all in this crime thriller ignited by betrayal and driven by vengeance.

3. I am Ana
Directed by Patrick Loy
A young woman must confront what she has done to herself. A David Lynch Homage Project that examines identity, reality, and the illusions we often create to hide from the truth.

4. Call Girl
Directed by Jill Sixx Gevargizian
In one man's attempt to exploit his date night via video-chat, he ends up sharing something far more disturbing.

5. Mass
Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
A cult of women who worship a female God get ambushed by a group of crazed vigilante fundamentalists. Inspired by mondo cinema, footage of the Church of Satan and the fashion of Chelsea Wolfe.

6. Ricochet in Reverse
Directed by Jamie DeWolf
Telly award winning film about the Columbine massacre in reverse performed by the Suicide Kings. Adapted from their play about school shootings entitled "In Spite of Everything".

7. Snuff
Directed by Michael Carnahan
The adorable adventure of best friends during movie night, guaranteed to turn stomachs and question one's sanity!

8. Torturous
Directed by Angus Swantee
A man finds himself at the mercy of two torture experts, relying on his own skills as his only chance to survive.

9. T is for
Directed by Santiago Tapia
A person makes himself at home for a nice weekend.

10. Deep Red Dandelions
Directed by Brendan Butler
Based on the true life killing of young Grace Budd, this film is a romanticized portrayal of the events that took place is narrated with excerpts of letters written by the infamous serial killer, Albert Fish.

11. Blood Bath
Directed by Adam O'Brien
In a gloomy workshop, a man builds a strange machine to satisfy a dark desires.

12. Game
Directed by Josh MacDonald
One terrified woman, three deadly hillbillies... but the game is about to change.

The evening will also feature:

• Live horror-inspired burlesque performances by: Patricia Misery, Cupcake, Grace Bones, Jet Noir, Laika Fox, Francine Dead, Vesper Synd and the Last Man on Earth, Cha Cha Bernadette & Sidney Sin

• Master of ceremonies Jamie DeWolf & Spunky Brewster of Tourette's Without Regrets

• Live music performance by Sidney Sin and the Black Shaft, Zack Bateman & The Graveyards, and DJ Tanoa “Mr. Zombie Prom” Stewart

Price: $10 Advance / $12 Door

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SCREAM 2014 is brought to you by East Bay Express in collaboration with the Oakland Underground Film Festival and Tourettes without Regrets. This event is 18+.