Schwarzenegger's Hardball Budget Tactics Go to Court



Last Friday, the Service Employees International Union filed lawsuits to stop Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from laying off 22,000 temporary and part-time workers, as well as reducing the salaries of all full-time employees to the federal minimum wage for the duration of the budget fight. The Sac Bee reports that Controller John Chiang has already vowed to defy Herr Schwarzenegger's order to reduce wages, and the governor will have to sue if he wants to proceed with his plans to ruin the lives of 200,000 state employees

As the budget fight heats up, along comes the Wall Street Journal with a profile of our very own Don Perata, the man charged with taking on Schwarzenegger even as a potential federal corruption indictment hangs over his head. It's pretty by-the-numbers if you already know Perata's story, although the Journal was courteous enough to credit the Express for breaking a key element of the investigation.