Schwarzenegger's Adventures In Vetoland



Herr Schwarzenegger's got a lot of laws to get through; some 900 bills, last we checked. He's signing some, vetoing others, and using a few to light his cigars. Let's check in on the adrenalized Austrian and see how he's doing.

Let's see: he's signed a bill requiring fast-food restaurants to list the nutritional and caloric content of their food items. Fine, whatever.

Uh, oh: he vetoed a bill that would have slapped a $60-per-container fee on cargo ships bringing in goods. The fee would have financed air pollution efforts, to reduce emissions from, say, truckers hauling the goods through the smoggy Los Angeles basin. And he did it in part because Alaska governor Sarah Palin asked him to. What a dick.

And check this out: he vetoed a bill that would have stopped health insurance companies from canceling insurance for sick people who use their service too much. Sick people with chronic and debilitating diseases, who paid their premiums for years and now get kicked to the curb 'cause some HMO bean-counter has no soul. The California Medical Association begged him to sign it, but no dice. What a dick!

Oh, look: he signed a law creating an office to investigate violations of patient privacy at hospitals. That's nice, until you remember that the law was written only after information about some of his Hollywood friends was leaked to the press. That's our governor for ya: it's not a crime till it happens to somebody famous.

Hmm. He vetoed a bill requiring poll workers to inform independent voters in writing that they can use any ballot from a party that allows them to vote in their affairs. Eh, whatever.

Wait, what's this? Schwarzenegger signed a bill allowing the Shingle Springs band of Miwok Indians to run a casino with 5,000 slot machines? The kind of slot machines that lure working-class people in and sucker them into blowing their life savings? The kind of slot machines that have created bankruptcy, misery, theft, divorce, and suicide all over the country? Those slot machines?

What a dick.