Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Pay Taxes, Either



First, there was Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. And now comes the Governator. The IRS has lodged a federal tax lien against Arnold Schwarzenegger for failure to pay $79,000 in back taxes. The lien was first reported last week by the entertainment site Schwarzenegger originally disputed the existence of the lien when contacted by the media. But then he later acknowledged it, although he claimed the matter was “completely unrelated to the payment of taxes,” which, of course, is a Kafkaesque way of describing a tax issue.

IRS officials declined to comment, as is their custom. According to the tax lien, Schwarzenegger failed to pay enough taxes in 2004 and 2005. A tax attorney consulted by the San Jose Mercury News said that the lien might be related to one of the several businesses in which the governor is involved. The news of Schwarzenegger’s tax problems follows the revelation earlier this month about Dellums’ failure to pay $239,000 in back taxes.