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Schoolboy Q at the Fox Theater


Schoolboy Q is the gravelly-voiced L.A. rapper who started out in a group with Kendrick Lamar called Black Hippy. While Lamar is an uplifting figure who speaks for the people, Schoolboy embodies a darker anti-hero whose rhymes can be intense and cynical. And although he’s responsible for some radio-friendly hits such as “THat Part” with Kanye West, his work is really about the deep album cuts where he flexes his vocal dexterity. Schoolboy somewhat faded from the rap blogosphere over the past few years, but he recently made a major comeback with his critically acclaimed album Blank Face, a well thought-out collection of brooding, lyrical tracks. The album’s relentlessly uneasy and off balance production matches the sense of inner turmoil in its rhymes. Catch Schoolboy Q live at The Fox Theatre in Oakland with New York up-and-comer Joey Bada$$ on October 13.