Say It Ain't So: Ludicra Disbands



Sad news this week. San Francisco black metal band Ludicra announced on Tuesday that it is disbanding after thirteen years together. Its web site is down and Invisible Oranges has a nice homage to its legacy. It's particularly sad because the local band was just getting significant national attention, especially with its last release, 2010's The Tenant, on Profound Lore. Ludicra is often uttered in discussions about quality metal coming out of the Bay Area and how certain black metal bands, especially those from the Pacific Northwest, are going beyond the classic Norwegian/Swedish sound from the '90s toward something more forward-thinking.

On Twitter, drummer Aesop Dekker, who's also involved in Worm Ouroboros and Agalloch, seemed sanguine about the news. "Thanks for all the love and kind words, but bands break up, most do it long after they should have. Ludicra ain't going out like that. ... Worm Ouroboros writing moving forward, Agalloch in Tel Aviv confirmed, really no time to mourn the past."

No doubt we'll still be hearing from these musicians in the future.

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