Saturday's Spice of Life Fest Has a Shiny New Sponsor



Next weekend's Eat Real Festival might be your last chance this year to eat food outdoors with multiple thousands of strangers, but it’s not your only one. The ninth annual Spice of Life Festival takes over Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto this Saturday, September 17, with the usual mashup of entertainment and food, but with a surprising new sponsor: Google Offers.

You know Google Offers — it’s the mega-browser’s deal site. Reps will be on the ground to explain Google Offers and to dangle subscriptions, and they’re kicking things off, says a rep for the North Shattuck Merchants’ Association, with Gourmet Ghetto Week, starting September 17.

  • North Shattuck Merchants Association

Last year, Spice of Life made the transition from festival food stalls — all those meat-on-a-stick and fried food purveyors that show up at multiple food festivals — to smaller, more local vendors, including some food trucks. Expect Boffo Cart, Namu, and Hapa SF, as well as local businesses Tara’s Organic Ice Cream, Bistro Liaison, Lush Gelato, and the brand new Local Butcher Shop. Ground zero for is Shattuck and Vine Streets, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

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