Sanctum 3D

Rated NR 2011

The James Cameron combine’s most cohesive and satisfying film since The Abyss is an adventure about a team of cave divers trapped in the “largest unexplored cave system in the world” in Papua New Guinea, with thrilling exploits in spelunking, scuba, rock climbing, base jumping, and other extreme pursuits. Makes The Poseidon Adventure look like a fat farm. But you should forget the drippy dialogue by John Garvin, adapting underwater filmmaker Andrew Wright’s story. Able-bodied performances by Richard Roxburgh as the team leader and Rhys Wakefield as his son, backed up Dan Wyllie, Ioan Gruffud, and Alice Parkinson. The 3-D is mostly negligible. Directed by Alister Grierson and filmed off the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Produced by Cameron. (109 min.)

Film Credits

Director: Alister Grierson

Writer: John Garvin and Andrew Wight

Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Alice Parkinson, Rhys Wakefield, Dan Wyllie, Christopher Baker, Allison Cratchley and Sean Dennehy


Sanctum 3D

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