Safeway Not All That Safe



Thought supermarket shootings involving SWAT teams only took place in TV-land?* Think again. Four gunmen allegedly robbed a Safeway in Pinole just minutes after it opened at six o'clock this morning, CBS has reported. Shots were fired � one employee was struck in the leg � and an Alameda County SWAT team rushed to the scene, where police remained in stand-off mode until noon. Listen to one man describe what a Safeway employee relayed to him over the phone soon after the gunmen entered. "I guess one dude is hiding in the meat department," the man told reporters, referring to a robber. As it turns out, that "dude" � along with his partners in crime � managed to elude capture.

*Gotta love the Desperate Housewives episode back in November in which one of the most irritating woman in small-screen history was offed. The gun-wielder, in that case, announced upon taking the shoppers hostage: ''Attention, shoppers, we're having a special today on not getting shot, but it's only available at the back of the store."