Sad Bears Make Loni Hancock Cry



Now that she's about to go head to head with Wilma Chan for Don Perata's seat in the state Senate, Loni Hancock is preparing for the grueling race by showing her soft feminine side. In an interview with Edwin Rutch, who is making a documentary that explores the origins of "progressive values," Hancock says that her virtuous empathy for all the soft furry creatures that tread their padded wittle paws on the Earth inspired her progressive politics. In fact, she'll never forget the time her daddy took her to the zoo, where she sat and wept for the poor caged animals. Fortunately, her father had the good sense to get pissed at the cloying anecdote this episode would someday become. "My father, who has happy after being with his daughter, was turning sour," Hancock says. Check out the YouTube clip here.