Russo Wants to Refund Some Parking Tickets


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Oakland City Attorney John Russo is advising the city to refund some parking tickets issued last year when the city employed a double-standard for ticketing, the Trib reports. But Russo’s suggestion appears to fall short of correcting the unequal treatment of city residents by Oakland parking enforcement officers. That’s because the city attorney is only recommending that refunds be issued for people who got tickets during a two-week period last year, when in it appears that the city had employed an unfair parking ticket policy for more than three months.

Russo’s suggestion is that refunds be issued to people who received tickets for either of two infractions between July 24 and August 7. During that period, the city was ticketing people in most neighborhoods for parking partially on the sidewalk or in the wrong direction, while issuing warning notices in the upscale neighborhoods of Montclair and Broadway Terrace.

However, there is evidence that after the city stopped issuing the notices in Montclair and Broadway Terrace on August 7, it still continued to ticket people for the same infractions in other parts of the city — but not in the two wealthy neighborhoods. As a result, Russo’s recommendation appears to fall well short of solving the problem.