'Rolling Stone' Magazine Founder Jann Wenner Chips In to 'Yes on 19'



Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner kicks in $2,500 for Yes on 19, according to late contribution reports. Yes on 19 reports youth turnout today in California is huge. “Youth turnout is so high that the polling location at San Diego State University has completely run out of provisional ballots. We're hearing that it will take 3 or 4 more hours to re-stock the ballots there,” Prop 19 says. Conversely, No on 19 declares victory, LAWeekly reports. "Support for Prop 19 is evaporating faster than bong water at Burning Man," No on 19 gloats. More news after the jump.

2. The Village Voice writes: 'Dear California: Please Legalize Marijuana. For America.' "A lot of Americans wanna get high, we wanna get high legally, and we're counting on you to do it first, for us. That's really all there is to it. Do it for America. Vote Yes on Proposition 19 for Other Americans. And in the process, show us just how much of a role model the Great Republic of California can be."

3. The Associated Press takes a stab at envisioning the day after Prop 19 passes.

4. Celebstoner thinks the Giants wining the World Series will help Prop 19. The Marijuana Policy Project notes "Lincecum’s dominating performance serves as a timely reminder that marijuana prohibition makes criminals out of both everyday and extraordinary Americans."

5. And up North, Redheaded Blackbelt reposts a 'What About The Children' op-ed in favor of 19. While 60,000 Californians received a ticket for possessing marijuana in 2007, another 14,845 Californians face jail time for selling the plant.