Rick Steves: "When alcohol was finally legalized, no one was saying, 'Booze is good.' Rather, they were deciding that the law was bad."



Travel writer and Initiative 502 proponent Rick Steves, from "A Behind the Scenes Discussion of Marijuana Legalization":
"The system (as established and maintained by the US) is rigged to prevent change. Drug policies are dictated by the UN. If a country is decertified (which can happen, for example, if it legalizes marijuana), the US Congress is required to vote against them in trade policies (causing an expensive trade war). Another example: Our drug czar is required by our government to vote to keep drugs illegal."

"If an individual state passes a law that takes a course different then the federal law, the USA's ability to impose its drug laws on the rest of the world will be diminished. The paper tiger of UN drug treaties will then change as the US is forced to reconsider its war on marijuana."