Richmond's IWORI at the Rockit Room Tonight


Lead guitarist and songwriter Micah Charlot's work with Richmond-based psychedelic/neo-classic rock band IWORI is the other side of the worm hole from Rock n' Roll Is Disco, the cult classic he recorded in the '80s on the Alternative Tentacles label with heavy-metal funk band Part Time Christian. IWORI, a name given by the group's conga player, Maurilio Gonzales, means "fire at the center of the earth" in the Nigerian Yoruba language. Charlot translates that fire into fearless lyrics, pairing classical literature references with screaming Hendrix-like runs. IWORI's tight band includes drummer Ben Krames, Gonzales on congas, Kev Choice on keyboards, and Curtis Ohlson on bass (Ray Charles' long-time bass player.) IWORI appears at the Rockit Room (406 Clement St., San Francisco) tonight, June 18, at 9 p.m. - Andrea Pflaumer