Rest in Peace, Patrice O'Neal



The comedy world lost a great talent yesterday when Patrice Lumumba Malcolm O'Neal died at age 41, after suffering a stroke in October. The Jersey City humorist was known for his pungent race jokes — most of which were based on real-world observations — and his sometimes acerbic interactions with audience members. He made numerous TV appearances (including guest-star roles on Arrested Development, Chappelle Show, and The Office) and recorded one hour-long special, Elephant in the Room. O'Neal also hosted a relationship call-in advice show on XM Satellite Radio. His death may be tied to complications with diabetes.

The Opie and Anthony Show, an XM radio broadcast that frequently featured O'Neal as a guest, confirmed the comedian's passing in a tweet on Tuesday, according to New York Daily News: "The funniest and best thinker I've ever known PERIOD. #devastated," it read. Comedians Hannibal Buress and Earthquake followed with eulogies of their own. O'Neal will be greatly mourned, and missed.