Report: Oakland in Driver's Seat to Keep A's



The City of Oakland's attempts to keep the A's may be paying off. Ballpark Digest is reporting that at Major Legaue Baseball's Winter Meetings, the league's blue ribbon committee is saying that after a lengthy review, it's prepared to recommend that Oakland move forward with its waterfront ballpark, and that San Jose is out:

Indeed, the talk at the Winter Meetings is that an Oakland recommendation is now pretty much a done deal — with the additional spin (albeit accurate) that this proved the committee was right all along in waiting things out before making a recommendation.

Ballpark Digest reports that the condition of Oakland's redevelopment agency finances and the city's commitment to keeping the A's from leaving were likely the difference makers. Last night, we reported that Oakland's redevelopment agency was in much better financial shape than San Jose's. More from Ballpark Digest:

That financing wherewithal is expected to carry a lot of weight with the special committee weighing the location of a new A's ballpark. It's also expected to give them cover: the mantra from MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is that his sport is loathe to allow a franchise shift unless all efforts have been made to keep the team in its current community. If Oakland has a site, the money and the will to put together a ballpark package, we're guessing MLB will take the safe route and recommend the team stay there, as opposed to creating a messy territorial battle by allowing a move to San Jose.