Reading Hurts: What's in EBX Music - Ink edition; 10.08 -10.15



A Scanner Darkly's Sountracker comes to 21 Grand; Graham Reynolds interviewed after the jump. Highlights: Reynolds rotoscoped Linklater's sound; SF's Fire Museum label flees coast :::::::: Dixie Chicks's Shut Up and Sing director Barbara Kopple interviewed by Cole Haddon. The skinny: the controversy made them open up :::::: Too Short pusses out on Exotic Erotic 27 but George Clinton picks up some slack, in a postwrite-by Eric. K. Arnold :::::::: Plus we got picks on Peter Walker; Ray LaMontagne; Amadi Hummings; Aux Cajunals; The Fucking Champs; Uke Apocalypse; and Small Sails.