Readers Say the Darndest Things: Restaurants and Bars

Best Ambience at a Restaurant
Low light and a nautical I'm at sea. — Elaine Cornier

Chez Panisse
ahhhhh — britt Badgley

NIDO Kitchen & Bar
you close and open your eyes and forget you're on a corner of a freeway and a gas station. — Cory McCollow

Rendez-vous Cafe Bistro
Call me crazy but I really like the fake silhouettes in the fake windows here. — Chris Erickson

Where else can you listen to old hardcore and Sabbath while you eat food with a bunch of older hardcore kids. — ///C

Best Bar
Bench and Bar
They hold it down for their Queer family — Darlene Cooper

Wonderful outdoor seating area, even if they do allow kids. — Claudia Alleyne

Best Barbecue
You should probably just give E&J a lifetime achievement award and name this category "Best BBQ besides Everett & Jones" — Michael altfest

Best Bartender
Billy Agan
Fucking tight — William

Dan at Penelope
He's just a great guy...And he'll let you know if you're an ass — jwhite04

DeAnnette at Hutch
She Cray — Joshua

Best fucking Bartender Ever! His Absinthe Martini's get you fuuuuucked up — ///C

Jared Berry
Shameless — Jared Berry

Best Beer Bar
Heart and Dagger
My dog thinks so too! — Sara Steffens

Best Breakfast/Brunch
900 Grayson
The Demon Lover is the best chicken and waffles I've ever had hands down! Must have with the cream gravy and the maple syrup. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Plus all the velvet paintings add something special to the space. — Cecilia

Best Chef
James Syhabout
if he did anything vegan — Chia Marie

Matt Gandin
Jewish guy making Mexican food real well — Veronique

Best Coffee
sad but true — britt Badgley

Best Dessert Place
Coracao Confections
These raw vegan chocolates are insanely amazing. — Nicole

Best Japanese/sushi Restaurant
Its Soo cheap you can actually eat there and still have money for oakland rent... BARELY. — Travis Camacho

Best Late-Night Food
let's not pick a winner an instead invite business owners to open up their spots until midnight or 1! we need more options!!!! we dont even have a 24 hour diner!! — Courtney Trouble

Pizza Man
Delivery during my drunkest hours? I think so. — Nichole

Best Mobile Food Vendor
WhipOut! Food Truck. We have been driving passed the truck and turned around to follow it. Yes, the fried chicken sliders are that good. — Ali Neuenschwander

Best Pizza
New York Pizza
Don't worry, it's not in New York. — kevin holmes

Best Restaurant for a Date

Best Sandwiches
Gregoire in Piedmont
The absolute best sandwiches. This is my all time fav place to get lunch. The potato puffs are amazing. They have to win this category it would be ridiculous if they didn't. — Shahbano Imran

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