Readers Say the Darndest Things: People and Places

Best Activist
Oaklanders – all of us
we all do it together — ingrid martin

Best CoWorking Space
Next Space Berkeley
Gave a grown up office feel to my growing up business. — Susan D.

Best Cooperative
Alchemy Café
It's new, and groovy...and the workers own it, dammit! — Juanita Carroll Young

Best Company to Work For
City of Oakland
You just meet the coolest people in the elevator. — Marisa Raya

Best Local Instagram Account
Savor Oakland
food porn galore!!! and they introduce me to new places to grub! — Isa S. Chu

Best Local Twitter Account
he hasn't tweeted in a while, but when he does... — mike

Best Neighborhood
Golden Gate
Scrappy, gritty, and requires a bit more nosing around than our more-established neighborhoods, but a great neighborhood full of eclectic and varied people and businesses. Great to visit or to inhabit. — sal bednarz

Best Pick-Up Spot
Au Coquelet Cafe
My husband first met two of his wives here (including me). — Lmorland

Random street corner/International Blvd
...wait what? — Travis Camacho

Lost & Found Beer Garden
I always end up meeting someone new every time I go there for some reason. And I consider myself pretty antisocial. — Shahbano Imran

Best Place to Take the Kids
Just tell them it's Disneyland — they won't know any better, and you'll have saved lots of time and money. — Jennifer Moline

Best Place to Walk Your Dog
Point Isabel
(I really have a WAY better place but it's a SECRET!!!) — Joel Casey

Best Views
Mountain View Cemetery
Too bad the dead can't enjoy their expensive view, but the living can. — Jennifer Moline

any AC Transit bus stop...
— Desirée Rose

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