Readers Say the Darndest Things: People and Places

Best Hometown Hero
Matt LaPlaca
i am a hero to many — Matthew Fubar LaPlaca

— Kelsey Williams

Steve DeAngelo
He's my brother so I am probably biased. — andrewdeangelo

Best Local Idea
— Adrian Symcox

— Rachael Kirk

Best Local Innovator
Disco Volante
Bacon Jam on a burger??? oh yeeeeaaaaaaaahhh — Justin Harris

Best Pick-Up Spot
Party atmosphere, attractive crowd, and plenty of hormones and flesh on stage to stir things up — Sam Kandaghabadi

seriously. — fern

the internet
— Beth Altshuler

The pull-up bars across from Fitness SF
I've never picked anyone up here, but I've definitely almost caused a pile-up driving by - best hot-man-watching ever. — selelelele

Tourettes Without Regrets
getting Nerds, Freaks, and Geeks laid once a month for almost 14 years. — Krystal Asche

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