Readers Say the Darndest Things: People and Places

Best Appropriated Public Space
19th and Telegraph
Thanks to pedestrian advocates, 19th and Telegraph will soon become a temporary outdoor sculpture garden instead of a parking lot! — dto 510

Dover Park
This space has benefited from all kinds of love: guerrilla gardening to add drought-tolerant plants, Healthy Hearts / Phat Beets growing produce and the result has been all kinds of neighbors fully using the space — fitness walks in the a.m., movie nights in the summer, and kids all day. — evt

How many pages are there still...
— Fred Belsito

Best Charity
Alameda County Food Bank
They provide invaluable service to a wide variety of folks, and their attitude to the people they serve is respectful and compassionate. The staff have tremendous energy for the work they do, and they attract volunteers because of their energy and compassion. — Mimi S.

Alternatives to Violence Project/East Bay
Trains folks to go into California jails and prisons and do conflict resolution training — there are thousands of prisoners on waiting lists hoping to take these workshops. — pamelacalvert

Best College Professor With a Side Career
Amir Sabzevary
Owns a car wash — r3plicant

Karen Hossfeld
Sociologist and potter — sarahblain

Best Community Garden
Strong Roots
On Woolsey and Sacramento in Berkeley. There's a hammock and they sometimes play movies up on the giant billboard that's in the garden from a projector. — Russell EB

Best Company to Work For
Alameda County
Still treats employees as assets. — kgr

Yes, even from Oakland, with local busses.— chroma

I wish I knew
— imnottelling

Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself and be your own boss.— Marckstir

Seriously, go check them out. They do good things for the Bay Area. — crytsalnova

Best Completely Re-imagined Neighborhood
Dimond District
New murals, new mosaics, new shops, and a beautiful park a couple of blocks from the business district. — Ruthie

Best food of all gentrified neighborhoods — hledeen

Best gentrification? Huh?
— kaykay

Best Grassroots Political Movement
Take the rainbow back!!
Ho ho! Hey hey! The rainbow is not just for gays! — DoodleyDee

Best K-12 Teacher
D.M. Kloker, Berkeley Maynard Academy
Brings a missionary zeal to kindergarten teaching — pamelacalvert

Lainey Alderman
Thinks and teaches outside of the box. Definately needed with bigger classrooms and less money. — cottontails

Ms. Fong-Wedgwood, Edison Elementary, Alameda
How can one teacher be so constantly friendly and good-natured? She knows my kids by name and they were not even in her classes. — kiluma

There are too many to single one out!
Let's celebrate ALL teachers who pour their hearts into their work day in and day out, despite dwindling resources and the current wave of teacher-bashing. — FrustratedTeacher

Best local activist
Chicken John
I know he's in SF, but he's working for us all! — laughterlover

Michael Davie
Keep the As in Oakland! — anne1423

Tina Ramos
Oakland Grown what what! — Gollie_Wag

Best Local Idea
Overturn all elected officials
— Lupe Memond

Free donuts every day
— dwoloz

Beer Revolution
In Jack London Square at Broadway and 3rd. Best idea in the world. — theonlyshow

Roof Gardens
Because we did it first with the Kaiser garden! — RedRage

— ctavs

Smoke weed every day
— DoodleyDee

Tax the rich, everything else is bullshit!
— schwatzpc

Best Local Innovator
Adam Lamoreaux
Brewer and Owner of Linden Street Brewery — dee847

Best Motorcycle Gang
East Bay Rats
They're so predictable. It makes now feel like the '70s all over again. — kojima

Accept no imitators, these guys are f'n rad! — quixoticfrisson

Nicest group of tough guys ever! — cangiola19

Best Neighborhood
Great park, great local library, Farmer Joes, great Octoberfest... — sarahblain

What's a better name than Dogtown? — Psurkis

Old Oakland
Oakland's best kept secret...shhhh! — quixoticfrisson

Monterey Market, Hopkins Street Bakery, Gioia's, Maggiano's butcher, and Tokyo Fish Shop just a few blocks away on San Pablo! Then there's all the shops on Gilman. A foodie's dream! — makura_kotoba

Best New Cause
Free Anthony Weiner
— joelburger

Saving local government from implosion...
— Nicolas

The anti gum on bottom of your shoes cause
— bobby jean

Best Place to Do Two Things at Once
— BigMammma

Holistic Veterinary Care
My pet gets veterinary care while I shop in the store ... Woot Woot! — Lee Bee

Best Place to Hang Out
First and Last Chance Saloon patio
It's somehow magically protected from the wind. — Moline, Jennifer

Willard Park
It's like a beeeeach! — likemindedpeople

Best Place to Take the Kids
Adventure Playground
Tetanus schmetanus — likemindedpeople

Fairyland is a place where you go as a child and remember all the great, yet creepy old run-down theme park memories. But the problem is once you get too old, they don't allow you back in to reminisce, UNLESS YOU HAVE A KID. So as an adult, this is the best place to take the kids, otherwise they won't let you in. — Nicholas Wong

JuJu Pinball
Kept two dozen kids busy at once — terikaren

Tilden Park
Big kids love the steam train too. — Moline, Jennifer

Best Under-21 Hangout
Facebook :(
— Pedinoff, Rebecca

Best YouTube Celebrity
Epic Beard Man!
Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man!Epic Beard Man! — huffingduster

Stanley Roberts
Using the word celebrity loosely, his YouTube videos are awesome! — SativaBelieva

— shines77

The Friday song girl
— johnjoe

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