Raiders Drop Another One


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The Oakland Raiders did the English language a favor yesterday by adding a few new nuances to the word "anemic." In a Coliseum game you didn't watch because not enough people showed up to merit a television broadcast, the Carolina Panthers held the Raiders to just two field goals to take the contest 17-6. As the Chron's David White points out, the Raiders have now gone nine quarters without a touchdown, and five games with only two touchdowns under Lane Kiffin's replacement Tom Cable. "For all of you who missed Sunday's non-sellout because of the local television blackout, you didn't miss a thing," White concludes.

Meanwhile, Boston Globe sportswriter Jim McBride thinks Al Davis's brain may now be too far gone to run anything. Davis has given his underlings a list of expensive players to cut before the end of the season. McBride writes that cornerback DeAngelo Hall has already gotten the axe, with more to come. If Davis eviscerates his starting lineup to save a few bucks, the end of the season could be one of the most laughable in NFL history. "Isn't it about time for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to step in and declare Al Davis a ward of the state?" McBride asks.