Raiders Coach to be Arrested Soon?



The Napa County District Attorney is weighing whether to file charges and order the arrest of Oakland Raiders' head coach Tom Cable. In an interview with Yahoo Sports published over the weekend, former team assistant Randy Hanson said he thought his life was in danger when Cable attacked him in August, yelling "I'll fucking kill you! I'll fucking kill you!" Hanson said if other team assistants hadn't pulled Cable off of him, he thought the volatile head coach would have pummeled him to death. In the end, Hanson suffered a broken jaw and two cracked teeth.

Immediately after the incident, Hanson refused to cooperate with Napa police. But after it became apparent that Raiders' team owner Al Davis was going to fire Hanson, and stick by Cable, then the assistant coach decided to tell his story to authorities. Cable reportedly has hired an attorney, and there is speculation that he is trying to work out a plea deal with prosecutors.