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Rachelle Bussières

When: Thursdays-Saturdays, 1-5 p.m. Continues through March 21 2020

The turn-of-the-century modernist command, “Thou shalt be true to materials,” turned its back on fin-de-siècle preciousness in favor of industrial culture and abstraction. This revolutionary idea hardened into dogma, however, as the decades rolled by; the lofty avant-garde condemnation of illusionism in the name of ‘progress’ finally collapsed into creative exhaustion. The images of Rachelle Bussières In Light, Conditions of Time appear on first glance to be immaculately painted abstractions of color and light, but are actually lumen-print photographs that abandon photography’s documentary function. Bussières somehow conjures color from black and white silver gelatin photo paper, creating in her layered photograms of various objects, luminous spaces with gliding circles and curves that recall Seurat.

DeWitt Cheng