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"I'm here because of pain killers and my commitment to Oakland." Ron Dellums, to KTVU. We know this is a week old, but it's just too bizarre not to point out. Dellums actually spoke to a member of the media, and now we have a pretty good idea why he generally refuses to: Because he comes across as cranky and odd. Here's Dellums explaining his prolonged and repeated absences from City Hall: "If somebody wakes me up at six o'clock in the morning and says a kid just blew his brains out, am I on the job?" Ooooookay. And here's Dellums on how the media focuses on trivialities like Tiger Woods and his habit of charging the public for four-star hotel rooms: "Do you think that's a reality when we've got global warming, global poverty and global pain and serious issues around the country? ... You have distorted the reality of human life and you have a responsibility to talk about the reality. So I thank you for giving me this opportunity and I'm talking to you as a real guy, not some lightweight politician." Man, that's just all kinds of weird. I mean, global pain? Does humanity have a collective case of lumbago that we don't know about? Is Tiger Woods distracting us from noticing that all six billion of us have a really gnarly migraine?