"Quite Frankly, Cynthia Is Carrying Him Right Now"



That's what one city official said about Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums this morning. Both the Tribune and the Chronicle have stories about the growing concern that Ron Dellums' wife Cynthia is playing a critically important role in running the city

> The Trib is a little more circumspect, reporting that City Hall denizens can't quite put their finger on why this is a problem; at the very least, it leaves people confused as to whom they should be reporting to. But for the Chron's Chip Johnson, it's indicative of the sheer dysfunction and disorganization plaguing city government. Many city officials complain that the city has virtually no one on staff with the expertise to address key problems, Johnson reports. And this can lead to bumbling, inept efforts that only lead to embarrassment. For example, an effort to refinance some of the city's debt was rejected out of hand by a financial institution, and Johnson cites it as an example of poor leadership by Dellums. In addition, the mayor's communications officer just jumped ship, taking a new job with Ignacio De la Fuente.