Quick, Put That HD DVD Player on eBay Before People Wise Up



HD DVD is dead. If you're one of the unlucky saps who went with that format rather than the competing Blu-Ray format, you're out of luck as of this morning, when Toshiba announced that it would no longer manufacture HD DVD players and recorders, the Washington Post reports. This is sad news, since the HD DVD format was clearly the better of the two. Once again VHS beats Beta, only this time Sony comes out on top. So what to do with that brand new Christmas HD DVD player?

Actually, it's too late to do much damage on eBay. A quick search shows that you can already buy HD DVD players with movies for less than $20. So aside from opening a museum of failed media formats (videodiscs anyone?), who else has an idea for what else an HD DVD player can be made to do?