Quick, Before They’re Gone: Sufganiyot



I’ll keep it brief: It’s Hanukkah, and that means it’s time to eat sufganiyot, those jelly- or custard-filled doughnuts that pop up at Jewish bakeries during the holiday season.

Sufganiyot (SOOF-gon-ee-OAT) — which are fried in oil, like a regular doughnut — are traditionally eaten during Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle of the temple oil (when a day’s worth of oil kept the temple menorah lit for eight days).

Sufganiyot at Grand Bakery.
My go-to spot for sufganiyot (“go-to” as in this is the second year I’ve had them) is Oakland’s Grand Bakery (3264 Grand Ave.), which makes a nice strawberry jelly version — much better and fresher-tasting than your standard-order doughnut shop jelly doughnut. Available through December 22, the sufganiyot are priced at $1.95 each, with discounted rates for larger orders.

A couple other sources for sufganiyot in the East Bay: In Berkeley, Saul’s Deli (1475 Shattuck Ave.) is selling them for $1.95 each ($23 for a dozen) — usually they’re the jelly variety here, too, though they have custard ones on occasion. And Beauty’s Bagel Shop (3838 Telegraph Ave., Oakland) is selling jelly sufganiyot made by San Francisco’s Marla Bakery, the new project from Amy Brown (formerly the pastry chef at Nopa) — these are available through December 16 for $12 per half-dozen.

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