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Queerly Beloved

Decompress during Pride with live music and day drinking at El Rio.


With its spacious patio and affordable drink prices, El Rio is the perfect place to chill during Pride Weekend. On Sunday, the bar will be hosting Queerly Beloved, a day party with a diverse musical lineup. Star Amerasu, an experimental pop songstress, is certainly a performer to look forward to. She slayed with her musical performance at last year’s Brouhaha, a comedy showcase that featured exclusively trans women of color. And she recently released her mixtape, Eclipsing, a four-song electropop project with industrial and indie pop influences. Courtney Trouble will be giving a burlesque performance, and psych rock band Ancient Wing and lo-fi disco singer-songwriter DUBAIS will also be performing. DJs Jenna Riot, Workalook, OND4, and IZLA will be behind the decks.