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Quaaludes, Silver Shadows, and Skin Peaks

Female-fronted punk bands, unite!


Local shoegaze outfit Silver Shadows headlines this month’s edition of Commune Wednesdays, Pop Gang Records’ monthly, free concert series at Elbo Room in San Francisco’s Mission district. On its self-titled EP, the quartet cultivates a lush, dreamy sound, swathing listeners in washed-out, atmospheric guitar riffs that contrast with its sprightly rhythm section and incisive vocals. Quaaludes, another all-female four-piece band from San Francisco, joins Silver Shadows on the bill. Quualudes often uses its punchy pop-punk anthems to take casual sexism to task. Its last release, Nothing New, features bursts of high-energy tracks that attest to the group’s penchant for concise, hooky songwriting. Skin Peaks, another female-fronted punk band from Chico that recently released its excellent, lo-fi, Americana-tinged cassette AA5, is also on the bill.