PUEBLO Embezzlement Scandal Heats Up



Shortly after 2003, the cops started getting interested in People United for a Better Oakland, the lefty nonprofit that mostly deals with police brutality issues. Seems the organization suddenly had a lot less money than directors thought, to the tune of $200,000, and someone may have been dipping into the till. Now, one former PUEBLO employee has gone to jail, and a second has been charged with embezzling money from the group to fund their personal lifestyles. Ex-operations manager Christopher Donaldson has cut a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to serve a year in jail and rat on his pal, former executive director Dawn Phillips. According to the Tribune, Donaldson claims he caught Phillips sneaking money out of the group to pay for personal expenses, and agreed not to tell anyone as long as he got to horn in on the action. Phillips has now been arrested, and charged with embezzling $7,200.