Psst...Pass it On: What We Like Right Now



This isn’t exactly HOT and NEW and EXCITING, but I’m starting to think Doña Tomás is the best brunch place in the East Bay: It’s never crowded, there’s both indoor and outdoor seating (plus a cocktail menu), and the food is great — try the green chilaquiles for hangover-squelching, sour cream-drenched heft, or the carnitas hash if you’re in better shape and just want something interesting and filling and unique. — Ellen Cushing

Luke is addicted to the housemade potato chips at Berkeley Bowl West.
  • Berkeley Bowl
  • Luke is addicted to the housemade potato chips at Berkeley Bowl West.
My latest snack discovery at Berkeley Bowl West is the housemade potato chips. I tried the salt-and-pepper flavor and found the chips nice and thick, pleasantly potatoey, and not overly salt-and-peppery, and thus a great vehicle for the sour cream dip I happened to have on hand (recipe here — skip the soup and scroll down — if for whatever reason you want your snack to be exactly the same as mine). Maybe these chips aren't as good as the fresh-from-the-fryer variety that certain fancy restaurants offer, but they're pretty darn close — and a bargain at $1.99 for a pretty sizable bag. Look for these in a separate display near the bulk foods section (not in the chip and snack aisle). — Luke Tsai

STOP THE PRESSES RUPAUL AND BIG FREEDIA MADE A VIDEO TOGETHER AND IT’S THE BEST EVER. Relatedly, “must be jelly ‘cause jam don’t shake” is my new catchphrase. — E.C.

I like this song: Ducktails' "Ivy Covered House." — Brian Kelly

German electronic music legends Kraftwerk reunited to play an eight-night residency at London's Tate Modern museum and the Guardian's Kitty Empire was there, summing it up by saying: "It's quite difficult to overstate exactly how far ahead of their time Kraftwerk were in the 70s. They remain almost ridiculously exciting." Since we couldn't be there, the next best thing is nerding out to Kraftwerk's "Metropolis" synced to scenes from Fritz Lang's movie by the same name. — Whitney Phaneuf

I am TOTALLY UNFORGIVABLY BIASED on this one because my sweetie is in it, but this is probably the best and most weirdly compelling banana-related video you will see today. — E.C.

Probably most of you have seen this laughing baby video already, but if you haven't, it's worth fifty seconds of your time. It'll make you smile. — L.T.