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I freaked out a little bit when I heard the starting lineup for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl was released. So. Much. Cute. — Lenika Cruz

Animal Planets Puppy Bowl premieres Sunday, February 3.
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  • Animal Planet's 'Puppy Bowl' premieres Sunday, February 3.

Anyone who watches the HBO show Girls (insert any and all gushing praise and scathing criticism here) may have noticed the legion of continuity errors that have plagued the first two episodes of the new season. I thought I was alone in noticing these little screw-ups until reading a Slate blog post on Girls’ problem that referred me to this little Conan O’Brien gem from 1995 (1995!!!). In it, he makes the case (albeit by hilarious means) that there is no such thing as a small continuity error. I promise, you will think of this video the next time you see one in a film or TV show. — L.C.


Oakland psych-pop trio Religious Girls are raising funds to fix up their van and embark on a 45-day, nationwide tour that includes SXSW. The band has come up with some clever incentives to donate, including: a custom, sad piano song written by frontman Chris Danko for $20; keyboardist Luis Gutiérrez's waist length hair cut off live (in-person or in via video chat) and mailed to you for $700; go on tour with the band and make "three new best friends" for $1000. Religious Girls kick off their spring tour on Friday, March 1 at The Uptown. 9 p.m. free. — Whitney Phaneuf