Psst...Pass it On: What We Like Right Now




The best gift I've gotten so far this year? The Dorkfood DSV, a relatively low-cost gadget that allows ambitious home cooks to fool around with sous-vide cooking — it basically turns your rice cooker or crockpot into a kind of jury-rigged sous-vide machine. Steaks! Slow-poached eggs!
— Luke Tsai

The DorkFood DSV turns your rice cooker or crockpot into a sous-vide machine.
  • DorkFood DSV
  • The DorkFood DSV turns your rice cooker or crockpot into a sous-vide machine.

In other news, I finally tried the Scream Sorbet "winter cafe," and it's really, really good. I bought one of everything and spent like seven bucks (freshly squeezed OJ for $1, what?!). — L.T.


Anyone who can watch this video without jumping up and dancing must not have a pulse. The music track evidently came first, then the video was synched to it. The San Francisco Film Critics Circle awarded a 2012 Special Citation to Girl Walk//All Day. — Kelly Vance

Holiday and Music

In the name of journalism, I set aside my hatred of holiday music to seek out some songs I could tolerate. It turns out, there's a lot of interesting stuff to share.

Portland experimental indie pop band Parenthetical Girls is not too cool for Christmas. Good Christian Men Rejoice, It's Parenthetical Girls is the latest in its annual series of holiday EPs. It's moody and mildly depressing (so, of course, I love it), in particular the cover of Judy Garland's "After The Holidays."

This low-budget, absurdest video tribute to Krampus, the Pagan holiday demon, will get rid of any religious relatives who might be hanging around.

I hate mash-ups, I hate holiday music, and yet, this mix from Wick-it the Instigator is amazing, in particular for its James Brown vs. Ol' Dirty Bastard version of "Christmas Money."

— Whitney Phaneuf