Protesting City Workers Turn to YouTube


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Local unions are pissed at the city and they want you to know about it. One of them, IFPTE Local 21, the public-sector professional and technical engineers' union, even made a set of videos to get you to pay attention. They showed the first one at an Oakland City Council meeting earlier this month:

And they just came out with a second called "Enough is Enough," named for the chant they've used to bring City Council meetings to a standstill more than once in the past couple months.

Here's a little background: Oakland's leaders are tackling a new two-year budget and the local unions are determined to get their share. A few unions are negotiating new contracts this year and workers have been vocal at city council meetings. The unions have accused the city of downplaying recent revenue increases in order to undercut them at the negotiating table and say they've done more than their fair share, through salary cuts and furlough days, to help the city through the recession. They say they're sick of OPD taking up so much of the city's budget and argue that they play an important role in public safety.