Prop. 8 Battle Royale



The much-anticipated showdown over gay marriage in front of the state Supreme Court is now only hours away. The live telecast of the historic hearing is set for 9 a.m. Thursday. In most East Bay locations, it will be broadcast on cable channels 26 or 78. Or, you can watch streamed live on So, will the Supremes bow to the will of the people and uphold Prop. 8, thereby keeping gay marriage illegal? Or will the court do the right thing, and overturn the measure, and reinstate its historic ruling from last year, legalizing same-sex nuptials?

The court doesn't have to publish its ruling for 90 days, but it should be apparent which way the justices are leaning at the hearing. Experts say the one to watch is Chief Justice Ron George. A moderate, George wrote last year's decision allowing gays to marry. He's also considered a swing vote, and usually sides with the majority. Check here for the TV channel listing in your area.