President Obama Says Targeting Pot in Colorado and Washington Should Not Be a Priority



President Obama indicated last night that you probably won't see DEA agents arresting college students for joints in Colorado or Washington. In an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, the president said that he does not believe that it should be a priority of his administration to target marijuana users in states that have legalized pot:

This kind of 'Ogden Memo for recreational pot,' however, could be something of a head-fake. Remember that the president said he wouldn't target legal medical pot users during his tenure, while his administration led a devastating campaign of raids and intimidation against medical pot growers and distributors.

In a bit of symbolism, The Chronicle reports today that Oaksterdam University has left its home on Broadway, and its enormous, once-gorgeous mural was literally white-washed by the building's new landlord. Oaksterdam taught medical cannabis cultivation, ran medical cannabis dispensary Coffee Shop Blue Sky, and led the Prop 19 charge. DEA, IRS and US Marshals raided the facility April 2 and detained operator Richard Lee, who subsequently stepped down to face potential federal drug trafficking charges.

According the Chron: "Lee's departure and the drastically diminished Oaksterdam meant less rent for the 27,000-square-foot building, whose only tenant was Oaksterdam. The building slipped into foreclosure, and the new owners wanted Oaksterdam out, said Dan Akol, the previous owner who sold the building.

"The new owners probably wanted to dissociate themselves from the marijuana paradigm as much as possible," Akol said. "The feds are still cracking down. There's still a worry there."