Premiere: Bay Legends The Mekanix Drop Video for "I'm So Oakland"


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If there's anyone who can claim to be "So Oakland," it's definitely production duo The Mekanix, who have been making beats for the Bay Area's greats for the past fifteen-plus years. Composed of 4rAx and Kenny Tweed, the team has collabed with just about every local legend —  including Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka, and Keak Da Sneak.

Over the years, The Mekanix have been key architects of the bass-heavy knock that's regarded as the quintessential mob music sound, positioning them at the center of the Bay Area's DIY street rap culture.

The production all stars recently dropped their latest album, Under The Hood, which features the above-mentioned rappers and pretty much all the Bay Area greats you can think of — including E-40, Too $hort, Richie Rich, San Quinn, J. Stalin, and many more.

The Mekanix gave the Express the exclusive on their video for "I'm So Oakland," featuring The Delinquents. It's a veritable insider's guide to Oakland, with shots that make the viewer feel like they're cruising through The Town — which is exactly what this track is great for.