Preliminary Cost of the City's Response to Occupy Oakland: $1,002,000



Just how costly has the city's response been to Occupy Oakland? Huge. If you're talking dollars and cents, that is. The city released its preliminary cost estimates this afternoon, and the line items divide as follows:

$737,000 for personnel overtime, $700,000 of which went to the cops. Twenty-eight grand went to Public Works, and $9,000 went to IT staff.

Hard costs were $265,000. Seventy grand went to the police department, another 70 to Public works, $25,000 to glass replacement, and $100,000 to IT security enhancements.

Update: Note that the above costs were tabulated through October 28 only, so they don't include the events that took place on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Clarification: This post was updated to make it clear that the $1 million spent by the city represents the costs of the city's response to Occupy Oakland.