Potential Parkway Operator Reopens Vintage Theater in Pennsylvania



A group of Midwest investors known collectively as Motion Picture Heritage Corporation -- who are currently in talks with the City of Oakland to resurrect the shuttered Parkway Theater -- proved their mettle last month by helping to reopen a vintage theater in Dormont, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the renovated Hollywood Theater, originally constructed in 1933, opened in 2007 only to close again in 2008. That's when the Franklin, Indiana-based Motion Picture Heritage stepped in. A deal was struck whereby MPH would sublet the theater and develop a broad array of programming including a midnight horror series and Friday night concerts. According to the June 25 story, the Hollywood is set to reopen on Aug. 1. Hopefully this means MPH, which also recently renovated and reopened an old drive-in in Shelbyville, Indiana, can work its magic on the Parkway.