Pot-Laced Sex Lube, Foria, Gets A Glowing Review


The Bold Italic’s intrepid Amber Schadenwald issued a pretty glowing review this week for the new, THC-infused sex lube Foria that we wrote about last month.

In a NSFW article, the intrepid reporter experience with the product: “We had a real nice time, my sensitivity was definitely increased, and my orgasm felt full and round. After this afternoon delight, the boyfriend and I went our separate ways, tending to evening obligations. While I felt chill and focused the rest of the evening, he ended up real stoney, happily playing drums for hours with the scent of me, and marijuana, on his mustache.”

“… I’m usually not one for lube but if it comes with natural, heightened sensitivity, keeps me focused during the act, and leaves me with soft lips (both sets), I’m down.”

You go, girl. Foria is available to medical cannabis patients at select dispensaries in the Bay Area. We’ve spotted it at 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center north of Berkeley.